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How to choose the most suitable window?


It is important correctly to evaluate price-quality ratio and based to the requirements to choose a profile with two or three glass panes and 5 or 6 chambers (in case of PVC window; for timber windows the profile width is a decisive factor). We recommend to pay special attention to the following four factors:

1. U-value or heat transmittance factor.

U-value is one of the most important factors, since the smaller the U-value is, the smaller the heating bills will be. More information on U-values applied in practice is available in the next section.

2. A glass unit and its configurations.

The price of a window may be greatly affected by a non-standard configuration, the thermal insulation performance in this case is not compromised.

3. Profile, its colour and fittings.

Profiles differ in width and number of chambers, which again means different U-values. When ordering windows, various colours and different combinations thereof have to be paid attention to, since they also have an influence on the price of the openings. The quality of fittings can differ a lot and therefore the prices of windows may also be very different.

4. Price.

Windows can be a good investment, provide comfortable interior climate and help to save heating costs.