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Meranti – an exclusive choice of timber windows


Exotic MERANTI-window frame is manufactured of timber of trees that grow in West and South-East Asia and are up to 45 m height with diameter of up to 1,2 meters.

As compared with pine, the meranti wood is more dense, more elastic and withstands higher compression loads. Meranti’s possible dimensions changes caused by humidity of the surrounding environment are smaller than those of pine. Meranti's air-dry density is also somewhat higher than that of pine.

meranti Meranti genus consists of more than 150 species, including red, light red, yellow and white meranti. Main growing region is South-East Asia, Malaysia in particular. Finished meranti resembles precious wood. Meranti wood is used for manufacturing painted, stained and lacquered windows.
merant Lacquered finished meranti windows look especially nice. The colour of one meranti wood batch or even of one trunk may vary from light shades to reddish-brown. Windows are mostly made of reddish meranti, which is more dense and durable and easy to process.