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Here you can find interesting and useful information about various accessories we use: window sills (outer and inner), mosquito nets and air inlets. You can also find information about properties and types of glass.

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Window sills (outer)

Every window must to have a window sill (outer) to prevent penetration of the rainwater onto the external wall of the building, where moisture can damage the thermal insulation of a building as well as stone and wooden structures. A window sill (outer) is installed so that it protrudes at least 3 cm from the facade and is inclined outwards, to direct rainwater away from the window and...
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Window sills (inner)

We offer PVC window sills (inner) in an extensive colour range. Window sills are very durable and very easy to clean due to its scratch- light- and moisture resistance. They can be installed in both new buildings as well as in buildings under renovation. Due to the extensive decor options, it is possible to use a window sill for creating a unique room design element, which can be combined with...
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Muntin bars

Wooden or plastic decorative bars are installed on both sides of the glass pane and can act as a simple solution for visually dividing a glass pane into smaller sections. Decorative bars with the width of 28 and 45 mm can be ordered in white, coloured or in wood imitation colour to match the window. Bars are a part of the window structure and are usually manufactures in the same colour as the...
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Mosquito nets are easy to install and remove

Mosquito nets are easy to install and remove and provide an irreplaceable protection against mosquitos and flies. A barely visible to the human eye net does not have a substantial impact on the view from the window and is suitable for any type of window. Mosquito nets are available in any RAL colours and in a size range of 0.2 to 2.2 meters in both width and height.
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Glass properties

The most important function of window glass panes is to provide thermal and sound insulations. A glass unit usually consists of two or three glass panes, which are connected to one another with a profile made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic or profile made of composite material. In addition to standard glass panes, tinted, hardened or laminated glass panes may be ordered and as a result...
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Air inlets

Energy efficient outdoor air intake flap (the so-called fresh flap) installed in the window frame is suitable both for repairable and new houses and enables to regulate the amount of incoming air and ensure sufficient ventilation in the rooms.  Airflow is directed upwards preventing draught, while the filter installed in the flap removes dust from the incoming air.  BIOBE...
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