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Muntin bars

Wooden or plastic decorative bars are installed on both sides of the glass pane and can act as a simple solution for visually dividing a glass pane into smaller sections. Decorative bars with the width of 28 and 45 mm can be ordered in white, coloured or in wood imitation colour to match the window. Bars are a part of the window structure and are usually manufactures in the same colour as the window.

iluliistud paketis

INTERNAL MUNTIN BARS OF INSULATED GLASS UNITS- widths and colours of aluminium muntin bars:

- 18 mm, colour: white;

- 26 mm, single coloured or wood imitation: white, RAL 8014, RAL 8012, RAL 8016, RAL 8017, RAL 7038, mahogany, light oak, medium oak, bog oak, golden oak, bergkiefer, douglasie;

- 26 mm two coloured or wood imitation: golden oak/white, light oak/white, white/brown, mahogany/white, medium oak/white, bog oak/white, bergkiefer/white. 

iluliistud paketile MUNTIN BARS ATTACHED TO THE EXTERNAL SURFACE OF THE GLASS UNIT – are attached to both external surfaces of the insulated glass unit. Option of different colours and patterns (in accordance with the colour of the window). Muntin bar widths 28 and 45 mm.
iluliistud jaotava prossiga MUNTIN BARS DIVIDING GLASS UNIT - bars are elements of window's construction and made of the same material in the same colour. Bars divide glass into separate smaller sections. Bars are used for example for dividing patio doors into two parts. Bars can be of various widths, depending on the profile of the window.

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