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Window sills (inner)

We offer PVC window sills (inner) in an extensive colour range. Window sills are very durable and very easy to clean due to its scratch- light- and moisture resistance. They can be installed in both new buildings as well as in buildings under renovation. Due to the extensive decor options, it is possible to use a window sill for creating a unique room design element, which can be combined with plastic, timber systems.


Wide selection of decorations and strong construction - easy to clean, long service time, unique. 

Easily maintained PVC window sills (inner) are an ideal accessory for all types of window systems. Thanks to versatile selection of decorations the window sill (inner) can be used as an interior design element. Window sills (inner) can be used both in new and renovated buildings. Durable and easy to maintain window sills in wide selection of shapes and colours go well with every possible interior design.


*available widths: 150 mm - 650 mm
*height of front section: 40 mm
*thickness of window sill: 20 mm
*max. possible installation length up to 3 m
*temperature resistance: -30 °C to +60 °C
*excellent insulating properties
*low flammability
*surface properties: scratch, light-, wear, spark resistant
*moisture resistant and water repellent
*easy to clean
*can be processed with ordinary tools


*can be in principle used with all indoor plastic, timber and timber with aluminium clad window systems
*easy to install, regardless whether the building is new or old

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