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Window sills (outer)

Every window must to have a window sill (outer) to prevent penetration of the rainwater onto the external wall of the building, where moisture can damage the thermal insulation of a building as well as stone and wooden structures. A window sill (outer) is installed so that it protrudes at least 3 cm from the facade and is inclined outwards, to direct rainwater away from the window and facade.

REHPOL window factory sells window sills (outer) made on the basis of client request. We offer window sills (outer) made of galvanized and painted steel sheet, stainless steel, brass, copper and also made of anodized or paint coated aluminium. Standard window sills (outer) are made of continuous galvanized steel sheet with length of up to 3 meters and thickness up to 0,5 mm.  Painted and PVC coated window sills (outer) are more costly and their delivery takes more time.  

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